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The Hexacard Electromagnetic Protection - Starter Set

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The Hexacard - Electromagnetic Protection - Starter Set

Protection from electromagnetic fields!

After decades of global research, the question “Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to health or not?” can be answered very extensively. The scientific body of evidence is by now sufficiently sound and demonstrates numerous harmful disorders even well under the limit values: These include, but are not limited to, neurological disorders, cardiovascular effects (including tachycardia) even in children, immune system malfunctions, not to mention increased risk of brain tumours with increasing use of mobile phones, and also headaches, daytime drowsiness, irritability and nervousness, impaired concentration and memory. In many cases, the symptoms only disappear when the exposure to radiation permanently stops. Moreover, mobile radiation can damage men’s fertility and also constitutes a risk for pregnant women and the unborn according to recent findings. 

The Hexacard neutralises harmful radiation in a radius of up to 10 feet. When used in the long term, you’re protecting yourself and your surroundings in all areas of your life.
  • Protection against electromagnetic fields
  • 5G, EMF, radio masts, microwaves, Bluetooth, electrosmog, WLAN, Radio waves
  • Informed material
  • Hexagonal water
A mixture of fossils, rare earth and rocks several million years old is hammered under pressure at more than 800 degrees Celsius. This mixture is then slowly and gently cooled with hexagonal water for more than 7 hours to transfer the hexagonal information to the mass. The informed material is gently crushed and sieved after being cooled by hand. This screened granulate is pressed into high quality carbon for its non-reducing performance and extremely long life to create a lifelong and almost indestructible Hexacard.
Recommended reading: Regina Martino - Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification


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