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VERWAY DTX consists of a high-quality mix of different spring waters from the highest regions of the Bavarian National Park in Germany - refined with ancient and pure glacier water.

The formula has been combined with pure salts from twelve different countries on three continents making a perfect formula for improved well-being. The product has been tested by well-known laboratories, including Quality Labs.

Kinetics tests have been carried out on the basis of various test bacteria strains to overview the hygienizing effect.


An improper diet, physical inactivity, environmental toxins, stress and diet can contribute to an imbalance in the acid-base balance of our bodies.

Our bodies need a certain amount of minerals each day to ensure that the metabolic processes and the immune system function properly to preserve our health and well-being.

The human body is about 70% water.

Get your water balance in order. BUY NOW


VERWAY DTX SKIN is an universal cosmetic product (spray) for your body and face. Experience has shown that external essences positively support medical treatments and therapies.

Applying DTX SKIN several times a day contributes to the special care of your skin. Its hexagonal structure allows VERWAY DTX SKIN to attach itself directly to your skin cells and connect to them.

DTX SKIN fills the skin cells with new life! BUY NOW

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