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Premium Aloe Vera

Verway Premium Aloe Vera is Pure Quality of Life! ​

There are around 350 different species of Aloe Vera. VERWAY uses only high quality and the highly prized species called Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller (BM).
The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is a most valued plant for it's therapeutic properties

The Aloe Vera BM is referred to as the Queen of Medicinal Plants.

The leaf juice was first used as a skin care product way back in ancient Egypt around 3500 years ago.
You can also find Aloe Vera used as a treatment in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.

Research always tries to identify all active agents in a plant and investigate their effects. Currently, around 160 valuable active agents have been detected.
Among others, these include diverse minerals, 15 different enzymes, several amino acids (protein compounds), fatty acids which are essential to life, such as essential oils,
the valuable acemannan compound and saponins, which are highly valued for their wound-healing properties.

The active spectrum in Aloe Vera BM is unique and clearly shows that only the combination of the active agents from the
natural plant can bring the desired effect. 


In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality of raw materials at all times in VERWAY products,
VERWAY procures its Aloe Vera plants exclusively from certified plantations in southern Spain.

The particularly high density of active ingredient in the vital substances is due to the ideal microclimate in Andalusia and its healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

VERWAY only uses naturally ripened Aloe Vera (3-4 years old), because only the adult plant leaves contain 100% of their valuable properties.
Fully stored sun, vitality and moisture thus VERWAY organic plant leaves contain a powerful complex of active ingredients for the skin and the entire organism.

Verway Premium Aloe Vera Fillet in natural juice € 21,90.


Premium Diced Aloe Vera Cubes in natural juice € 14,90. 100% certified Organic Aloe Vera.

 Aloe-Vera Drinking-Juice with Acai berries & Honig € 25,90. 100% certified natural Aloe Vera.


Celebrity chef Gerald Wespiser has been a TV chef for over 25 years and has discovered his passion for cooking with the vital vegetable Aloe Vera! He realized that Aloe Vera is a refreshing snack or can be used even in salads, soups and vegetable dishes - the VERWAY Aloe Vera is also a culinary hit and can be used in a versatile manner in dishes. In his book - Aloe Vera "The New Gourmet Vegetables", he has created over 50 unique recipes that are super delicious and easy to cook! A treat for everyone!

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